Covered Employment (QCEW)

The Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW) is a federal/state cooperative program that measures employment and wages in industries covered by unemployment insurance. Data are available by industry and county. 

What is the data source?

We collect information about monthly employment, total wages and taxable wages from quarterly unemployment tax forms filed by employers. We also conduct quarterly surveys of employers who have more than one worksite in the state. For more data and maps at the state and national level, see the BLS CEW tool.

How often is the data updated?

Quarterly. Data are released four times a year, about seven months after the end of each quarter. In addition to quarterly data, we publish annual information. The 2017 Q1 report reflects the 2017 NAICS revisions, described here:

How is this information used?

  • To evaluate labor trends.
  • To monitor major industry developments.
  • To develop training programs.

Recent Excel files:

Additional reports are available for download in the report library.

2017 QCEW Report publication dates

QCEW report Due date
2016 Annual Averages June 26, 2017
1Q 2017 Preliminary
2016 Annual Averages Revised
September 25, 2017
2Q 2017 Preliminary
1Q 2017 Revised
December 26, 2017
3Q 2017 Preliminary
2Q 2017 Revised
March 24, 2018