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Jobs & training


Together with other partners in the statewide WorkSource system, we help workers find jobs and map out new careers by connecting to a variety of training programs.

Studies have shown that people who use WorkSource job-search services find work faster and earn more money than those who don’t – so, give it a try! 

On this page

WorkSource jobs and services
 Special programs and services
Training programs
• Unemployment benefits while in training

WorkSource jobs and services

While we are no longer the "unemployment office" for Washington state, we do offer resources to assist unemployed workers.  As a proud partner in the WorkSource system, we deliver job-search services through our partnership with WorkSource

Training programs

WorkSource can connect you to a variety of training resources.  Some services are available on site, while others are delivered through community partners.

  • Discuss available resources
  • Learn if you’re potentially eligible for training
  • Get help with the application process
  • Find a program that’s right for you

WorkSource programs

Find out if job training is available through your local WorkSource office.

Other resources


Unemployment benefits while in training

Are you unlikely to return to your previous job want to train for a new career, or maybe start your own business?  If you qualify, you can attend approved training while collecting unemployment benefits. Also, you may not have to look for work while you’re in school.  We offer three training programs, each with different qualifying rules.  You must keep looking for work, be able to work and be available for work until we notify you in writing that you are approve you for a training program and are no longer required to look for work.

See our Train for a new career handbook to learn about the training programs the Employment Security Department supports, or visit one of the sections below: