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NEW SOC code reporting required


In 2019, the Washington State Legislature passed a law requiring employers to report SOC codes in their quarterly reports for unemployment insurance.


What are SOC codes?

SOC stands for Standard Occupational Classification. It’s a federal coding system that helps government agencies and private businesses compare occupational data.

This data is used by:

  • Government program managers.
  • Industry and labor relations specialists.
  • Students considering career training.
  • Job seekers.
  • Vocational training schools.
  • Employers wishing to set salaries or locate a new business.


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Dec.12, 2022, from 11 a.m. to noon. Register.


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Webinar recording (From Monday, Nov. 14, 2022)

When does SOC code reporting begin?


Optional reporting

If you use Employer Account Management Services for Single Filers – also known as new EAMS singles — you have the option to include SOC codes. Give it a try!



Required reporting

All employers will be required to report SOC codes or job titles starting with the fourth quarter 2022 tax report. At this time, our tax and wage reporting system supports SOC codes. We are working to implement adding job titles.



What happens if you don’t file SOC codes starting with your fourth quarter 2022 tax report?

At this time, you will not receive a penalty for incorrect or incomplete SOC code reporting. If you have any questions about how to report SOC codes, just send us an email at socreporting@esd.wa.gov.


SOC code reporting dates


Starting Nov. 15, 2021:

  • Customers using our newer version of EAMS can look up SOC codes.

Dec. 1, 2021, through third quarter 2022: 

  • Continue using EAMS to submit your quarterly reports. 
  • Customers using our newer version of EAMS can use the new SOC code lookup tool to find the most accurate codes for each of your employees. 
    • Starting in mid-2022, customers will be upgraded to the newer version of EAMS, which can remember the SOC codes you entered last quarter. 

Starting fourth quarter 2022:

  • All employers required to report SOC codes.


Questions about SOC code reporting? Contact socreporting@esd.wa.gov.