Federal programs ended

The CARES Act and other federal programs that expanded and extended unemployment benefits expired the week ending Sept. 4, 2021. Visit the COVID-19 page to learn more

Unemployment Claim Determination

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Review your wages and hours carefully. If information is wrong, call the claims center at 800-318-6022. For current claims center contact information and hours go to:
People with hearing or speaking impairments can call Washington Relay Service 711) to request a correction. Please use this sample statement as reference. The statement shows your:

  • Weekly benefit amount and your maximum benefits payable – these numbers represent the most you may receive in a week and total amount potentially available on your claim
  • Employers you worked for, and the wages and hours they reported each quarter for you in the base year of your claim
  • Your benefit year begin and end dates – you can only claim benefits on this claim for weeks falling between these dates
  • Whether this statement is an initial determination or a redetermination

Your Washington unemployment benefit claim is available for one year, which is 52 weeks from the week you applied.  This 52-week period is called your benefit year. You cannot file another new Washington claim until that year is over. Most claims receive between 13 to 26 weeks of benefits.

The Unemployment Claim Determination also may provide other information about your claim, such as a message letting you know that you don’t have a valid claim since you have less than 680 hours in your base year and that you may qualify for an alternate base year claim or information letting you know we are requesting wages and hours from your former employers.