Federal programs ended

The CARES Act and other federal programs that expanded and extended unemployment benefits expired the week ending Sept. 4, 2021. Visit the COVID-19 page to learn more

Unemployment benefits for injured workers

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You are not eligible for unemployment benefits during any period that you are not able and available for work. 

If you were injured on the job

If you're unable to work because of a workplace injury, contact the Department of Labor & Industries about workers' compensation benefits.

When you're able to work again, if you can't return to your previous employer, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits using a temporary total disability (TTD) claim while looking for a new job.

  • If you were injured and received time-loss (workers' compensation) payments or crime victims compensation for at least 13 consecutive weeks, you must provide your Department of Labor & Industries claim number.
  • If your on-the-job injury was covered by private insurance, provide your claim number, the name of the insurance carrier, and the name and phone number of the insurance claims manager.

If you sustained an injury that was not job-related

Once you're released for work, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits while looking for a job. To discuss your eligibility and claim options, call the unemployment claims center and speak to a claims agent (800-318-6022, Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. except holidays).

  • If you were unable to work for at least 13 consecutive weeks due to an injury or illness that occurred away from work, you must provide the date you were released by your doctor to return to full-time work.

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