Benefits data dashboard

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Welcome to the unemployment benefits data dashboard. This dashboard tracks benefits data since the COVID-19 crisis started, including information about payments, the claimant population, status of claims processing and more. This should help you stay up to speed on our status, progress and performance of claims processing as the pandemic continues.

$12.5 Billion paid (March 8, 2020-November 21, 2020): $4,0057,116,705 UI | $5,853,074,6354 FPUC | $1,254,262,891 PUA | $678,967,146 LWA | $516,595,825 PEUC | $97,630,337 EB



Includes those who have applied for unemployment benefits March 8 – November 21, 2020. 

Total number of individuals who have applied for benefits: 1,434,295
Total number of individuals who have filed an initial claim and have been paid:
 1,078,694 (75.2% of total applicants)
Total claimants not currently receiving payment and need resolution by ESD: 22,760 (1.6% of total applicants)

For more information on the claimant categories in the chart, please see the glossary at the bottom of the page.

48.8% Not submitting weekly claims (699,733) | 27% Did not meet eligibility criteria (387,825) | 19.3% Actively submitting weekly claims - getting paid (277,099) | 2.2% Has been paid but disqualified/ineligible this week (30,844) | 1.6% Needs resolution from ESD (22,760) | 1.1% Not currently receiving payments due to exhausted entitlement (16,034)

Payment and processing times

70% Paid within 1 week* (between March 8 - November 21, 2020) *Paid within a week includes all claimants paid, and from the time they submit their first weekly claim | Average days waiting (for those paid after submitting their first weekly claim): 13.3 Days | Average time to resolve claims w/issues as of 11/21: 9.7 weeks - outside of crisis or peak period, the standard time to process claims with issues is 3 weeks.

Initial claims

The number of claims filed is higher than the number of people who have filed claims. Federal guidelines require a separate application for each unemployment program, so a person who applies for more than one program files more than one claim.

UI 1,720,698 | PUA 510,215 | PEUC and EB 501,737 (Initial claims submitted 11/15-11/21: UI 30,274 | PUA 4,396 | PEUC and EB 8,387 | continued/ongoing weekly claims 421,827 | Total claims: 464,884)


Did not meet eligibility criteria: Not eligible for any benefits or were not eligible for unemployment and haven’t applied for PUA.

Not submitting weekly claims: Did not submit a weekly claim the previous week.

Actively submitting weekly claims – getting paid: This is the current pool of claimants for the previous week. They have been approved for benefits, are submitting weekly claims and receiving payments.

Not currently receiving payments due to open issues, exhausted benefits, open ID issue, other: This group includes people who have been paid at one point but there is an issue or issues on their claim this week that results in their not getting paid. 

Not paid, needs resolution from ESD: They have never received payment since applying and have an issue or issues on their claim that needs to be resolved.

Has been paid but disqualified/ineligible this week: Something the claimant reported made them ineligible for benefits that week. This can include excess earnings, denial etc.