Rulemaking for topics covered by Emergency Rules


In February 2020, Governor Inslee proclaimed a state of emergency in Washington state regarding COVID-19. Following that, the Employment Security filed a series of emergency rules, in order to support the state’s response. 

Phase 1 Emergency Rules topics:

  • Registration for work.
  • Certification of satisfactory progress for training programs.
  • Penalty waivers.
  • Updates to certain definitions.
  • WorkSource closures.
  • Shared work.
  • Lack of work.
  • Standby status.
  • Suspected fraudulent claims.


Phase 1 CR 101 | Pre-CR 102 draft rules


Phase 2 Emergency Rules topics:

  • Waiting week charging. 
  • Benefit charging.
  • Suitable work for extended benefits.
  • Overpayment waivers


Phase 2 CR 101


Phase 3 Emergency Rules topics:

  • Submissions of petitions for judicial review. 
  • Backdating reopened claims.
  • Waiting week waivers.
  • Combined wage claims.


Phase 3 CR 101 | Pre-CR 102 draft rules


Phase 4 Emergency Rules topics:

  • Waiting week waivers. 
  • Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) waivers.
  • Standby eligibility.


Phase 4 CR 101



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