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Facts and Figures Report – April 2023

The Facts and Figures Report is prepared monthly and posted after the county press release as a quick reference for employees, legislators, partners and others who may be interested. 

What is included in the Facts and Figures?

  • Unemployment rates
  • Monthly job growth or loss
  • Data for unemployment claims and benefits
  • Long-term unemployed data
  • Average wage/minimum wage
  • Unemployment taxes/trust fund
  • WorkSource services
  • ESD employee data
  • Toll-free numbers to resources for UI claimants, employers, job seekers and more


The algorithm used by ESD's human resources staff to determine demographic information for the Facts & Figures report had a bug. The error resulted in inaccurate percentages listed for "Employees of color." The problem is now fixed and the January 2023 report is accurate. If you have questions about this reporting error, contact EmployeeRelations@ESD.WA.GOV and type "Demographic data" in the subject line.

ESD Facts and Figures

Facts and Figures for 2022 are available in PDF format as a one-page fact sheet or a front to back, two-to-a-page file to print and cut for 4.25 x 11 rack cards that are useful for workshops, presentations and other events. The file to print cards is only available for the current monthly issue.

If you have any questions, requests, or want to see data from 2020/2021, please contact the DATA Division at data@esd.wa.gov.

Note: Year-to-date information is no longer available for payment amounts/claim totals and average weeks on regular benefits.