Relief of benefit charges

Relief of benefit charges applies only to taxable, non-local government employers.  When an employer is granted “relief of benefit charges,” benefits paid to the employer’s former worker are not factored in to the employer’s tax rate.

You may qualify to have the benefit charges removed (which we call "relief of benefit charges") if your employee's separation is due to one of the following reasons:

  • Voluntarily quit, and you did not cause the quit.
  • Was discharged for misconduct or gross misconduct connected with the work.
  • Was laid off as a direct result of a catastrophe, such as fire, flood or other natural disaster.
  • Continues working for you on a regularly scheduled, permanent, part-time basis, but is no longer employed by another base-year employer that he or she worked for while also working for you.
  • Continues working for you on a permanent, part-time basis and the worker qualifies for two consecutive unemployment claims.
  • Was laid off after being hired to replace a activated military reserve or guard member when the military person is deactivated and returns to work.

How to request relief of benefit charges

You must submit your request in writing. You should include the Notice to Base-Year Employer (sample-PDF) form and any supporting documentation (e.g., resignation letter).

Online: You can submit your relief of charges online using eServices. In the Client Account view, select the Issues tab then the “Relief of charges” link.

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