Get help with layoffs

Avoid layoffs

With the SharedWork Program, you can reduce the hours your employees work while they receive partial unemployment benefits.

WorkSource also offers a variety of services to help you maintain your workforce during hard times.

  • Retrain and retain - New technology can render your employees’ skills obsolete and lead to layoffs. But it doesn’t have to. WorkSource can work with you to develop a training program to upgrade your current employees’ skills and help you build a customized work force.
  • Strategic planning - We can advise you on current planning and management practices that have worked for other businesses in your industry.
  • Referrals - We also can put you in touch with public services designed to help your business succeed.

To learn more, contact your local WorkSource office.


If you are facing a layoff

WorkSource can ease the transition for your company and your employees. Here are some of the rapid-response services we provide:

To learn more, contact your local WorkSource office.