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SharedWork employer questions

Why should I apply for SharedWork?
When you apply for SharedWork you are protecting your business by initiating a plan to help stabilize your business during a temporary economic setback. It’s a win for your business, a win for your employees and a win for your community. 

When should I apply for my SharedWork plan?
When you anticipate that you’ll need to reduce hours, avoid a layoff by completing an employer application. Just call 800-752-2500, option 2.  

When will I hear if my SharedWork Plan is approved?
You should hear back from us within 48 hours after sending us your plan. We will let you know if it’s approved or what you need to fix for it to be approved.

What’s the next step after my SharedWork Plan is approved?
Once your plan is approved, notify your employees that they can apply for benefits.

Are my salaried employees qualified for SharedWork?
Possibly, as long as they have 680 hours in their base year of employment. You’ll need to convert these employees to an hourly pay rate while they’re on the program, because each week they need to report total hours worked.

Can I put part-time employees on SharedWork?
Yes, you can put eligible permanent part-time employees on your SharedWork plan. They must be eligible for an unemployment insurance claim.

Can I hire new employees while on SharedWork?
Yes, but the rules are changing August 31, 2021. Employer application and participant list must be submitted for approval by August 25 before the changes apply. The SharedWork Program does not monitor or regulate your employees who are not enrolled in SharedWork. If you need to hire, your local WorkSource office can help.

If I have a third-party payroll company administer my payroll, can we still have a SharedWork plan?
Yes. SharedWork suggests that you have two employer representatives: one from your third- party payroll company and one from your place of business, such as a general manager or human resource administrator. Having two representatives will help coordinate your SharedWork plan and ensure employees are well informed.

Can SharedWork staff from Employment Security serve as my employer representative?
No. Your employer representative must be from your place of business. If you have a second representative, that person can be from your third-party payroll company, if you use one.

I have a seasonal business, and we usually slow down during part of the year. Am I eligible for SharedWork?
Maybe. At SharedWork, we encourage you to call 800-752-2500, option 2. We’ll determine if your business is eligible. Our plan specialists will ask you questions and let you know within a few minutes if your company meets the requirements.

Does utilizing SharedWork affect my unemployment benefit tax rate?
Yes, it affects your experience rating, which determines your tax rate, but not as much as if you fully lay off your workers.

I’m considering laying off my workforce. Should I apply for SharedWork?
Absolutely! Before you start your layoffs, you should apply for SharedWork, even if you anticipate using it for only a few weeks. You only need to call us at 800-752-2500, option 2.

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