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General program FAQ 

What is YesVets?Image of Yes Vets decals for participating businesses.

  • A Veteran Hiring Campaign created by HB 2040 during the 2015 Legislative Session.
  • Washington State employers are recognized with a YesVets decal once they sign up and hire a veteran.
  • Continued participation is recognized with annual year decals which are displayed next to the YesVets decal.

How can employers participate?

When does it start?

  • February 1, 2016

When will I receive a decal?

  • After hiring a veteran, fill out the YesVets new hire form with information on your veteran hire.
  • Your information will be sent to your nearest LVER and you will be contacted to schedule the presentation of your YesVets decal at a local Chamber of Commerce meeting or other gathering.

Are there other resources for employers hiring veterans?

  • Let WorkSource help you connect with qualified veterans in your area and provide you with information on Washington’s Veteran preference in private employment.  The WorkSource system even allows you to screen only qualified veterans for your open positions.

How will participation be tracked?

  • Employer enrollments and hiring updates sent through the ESD website on the YesVets form will generate an e-mail to the ESD GP Hire-a-Vet mailbox.  ESD Central Office will route these e-mails to the appropriate LVER, so she/he can contact the employer to arrange the decal award. 
  • The LVER will update the Participation Tracking spreadsheet within ESD.  This data will be used to gauge and report program success.

How will employers be recognized?

  • An annual recognition ceremony will be held on Flag Day (June 14th) to highlight YesVets partners.
  • ESD will continue using the Hire-A-Vet Award program to highlight businesses throughout the year that are going above and beyond to hire veterans.

Can I count all veterans that I currently employ?

  • Veterans hired on or after February 1 will be counted for purposes of the YesVets campaign.
  • Veterans discharged under honorable conditions can be counted by employers.  A verbal confirmation from the veteran is sufficient.