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Temporary changes to public-records processes due to COVID-19

Our slight modifications to public-records processes, due to the governor’s Proclamation 20-28, are as follows.

  1. The Employment Security Department (ESD) will continue to process public records requests and make best efforts to reply within the five-day statutory period. However, we may not be able to provide requestors an initial response within five business days and the response time period is suspended in accordance with the proclamation.
  2.  ESD is suspending its hours of operations for public inspection of records. However, we will continue to work with you on alternatives, if you request to perform an onsite inspection of records.
  3. ESD is suspending any in-person Public Records Act (PRA) business contact.

Examples of in-person PRA business contact that is temporarily on hold are activities that permit a requestor to walk into an agency’s office or facility during regular business hours to:

  • Submit a PRA request.
  • Physically inspect records or agency PRA procedures.
  • Copy records.
  • Do other walk-in activities during business hours, such as pay for copies of records or pick them up.

Instead, we will work with records requestors to find alternate ways to communicate for PRA business, such as phone, U.S. mail, email, online portal, or other methods of interaction that do not require in-person contact.



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