Webinar: Introduction to Unemployment Insurance

Due to the continued high demand for unemployment benefits, we are offering a new option for customers to learn more about setting up a Secure Access Washington (SAW) account and submitting a claim for benefits online. 

To respect individual confidentiality, it is important to point out that this is not an opportunity to answer questions about individual or personal situations.

This webinar will be conducted using WebEx. For issues connecting to the webinar, contact WebEx Support. We can not provide technical assistance.


  1. Setting up a SAW account,
  2. Filing a new UI Claim,
  3. Guidance on standby and work search requirements,
  4. General UI requirements and information,
  5. Services and programs offered through the WorkSource Offices.


Download the slides.


The content of each presentation will be the same.

Date Time Free Registration
Tuesday, 3/31 3:00 PM Click to Register
Wednesday, 4/1 10:30 AM Click to Register
Thursday, 4/2 3:00 PM Click to Register
Friday, 4/3 10:00 AM Click to Register
Saturday, 4/4 9:00 AM Click to Register


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