Employment Security leadership

Commissioner Dale Peinecke

Dale Peinecke (PINE-uh-kee) was appointed as the 24th Commissioner of Washington’s Employment Security Department in January 2013. Before joining Governor Inslee’s cabinet, he spent more than 37 years in the aerospace and materials industries, including executive positions at Giddens Industries, Neuvant Aerospace, The Aerostructures Corp., Contour Aerospace and Alcoa. He has been engaged in Lean implementation efforts since 1985.

His interest in hiring skilled workers spurred him to get involved in the state’s workforce development system. In 2006, he was elected to the first of three consecutive terms as board chair for Snohomish County’s workforce development council, and he remained on the board through 2012. He also served on the advisory board for the M.B.A. Program at the University of Washington-Bothell from 2006 to 2008.

Dale grew up in the Pacific Northwest. He earned a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from Oregon State University and a master’s in manufacturing engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University

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Executive leadership
ESD Org chart (pdf)

Cynthia Forland
Director, Labor Market and Performance Analysis

Neil Gorrell 
Director of Employment System Policy and UI

Janelle Guthrie
Communications Director

Benjamin Hainline
Director of Internal Audit

Karl Kraber
Director of the Office of Lean Transformation
and Quality Improvement

Renee Linder
Information Technology & Business
Integration Director

Kelly Lindseth
Director, Employment Connections

Ron Marshall
Assistant Commissioner, Human Resources

Tim Probst
Director, Workforce Development Strategic Initiatives

Nick Streuli
Legislative and Executive Operations Director

Sandi Triggs
Assistant Commissioner, Finance & Administrative
Services Division

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