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Incomplete report penalties

If you repeatedly make one of the following errors on your unemployment tax reports, you will have to pay a penalty.

  • Submit incomplete reports 
    You must include all of the required information on your unemployment tax report. You must report the name, Social Security number, hours worked and wages for each employee every quarter.
  • File in the wrong format  
    You must use a form that we provided. Our scanning equipment cannot read other forms, including photocopies, so all information must be hand-keyed into the system.

Penalty schedule
We will send you a warning letter the first time you submit your report in the wrong format or submit an incomplete report. After that, we will charge you a penalty if you make either mistake.

2nd offense

If you owe taxes:
10 percent of taxes due, not less than $75 or more than $250

If you don't owe taxes:

3rd offense

If you owe taxes:
10 percent of taxes due, not less than $150 or more than $250

If you don't owe taxes:

4th offense, and thereafter

If you owe taxes:

If you don't owe taxes:

Additional penalties information

Avoid penalties
You are less likely to make mistakes if you file your taxes electronically. The software highlights missing information and there are no paper forms, so the risk of filing in the wrong format is eliminated.

Other penalties
You will also have to pay a penalty if you file a late report, or if you are late on a tax payment. Other penalties apply for knowing misrepresentation of payroll (see RCW 50.12.220(3)), for failing to keep required records (see RCW 50.12.070(3)), and for knowingly failing to register with us as required (see RCW 50.12.072).

Information on requesting a waiver

Relevant laws and rules
Penalty amounts | Report tax and payment penalties