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Electronic filing frequently asked questions

Please note: The following information is for unemployment taxes only.

For more information about Paid Family and Medical Leave premiums, visit the website.


Q. How do I file my quarterly tax reports electronically in Washington state?
Employer Account Management Services (EAMS) is a full-service, online tool for filing, paying and managing your unemployment tax account.

Q. When are my reports and unemployment taxes due?
You must file all of your unemployment tax and wage reports and pay your taxes by the last day of the month following the last day of each quarter. If you file a late report, we will charge you a penalty. When a due date falls on a weekend or state holiday, your report may be postmarked the following business day. For more specific information about tax due dates, see WAC 192-310-020. Reimbursable-account payments are due one month after the taxable-account schedule.

Q. How do employers mail overnight documentation (unemployment tax reports/payments) to Key Bank (ESD Lockbox provider)?
When employers want to overnight documentation (tax reports/payments) to Key Bank (ESD Lockbox provider), they should only use Fed Ex or USPSFed Ex and USPS will deliver overnight items to the Key Bank Lockbox at PO Box 34729, Seattle, WA  98124.

Employers who opt to use UPS must use the physical address of Lockbox:  1109 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA  98402

Please note - UPS will not deliver to the PO Box, and rather notifies Key bank they have mail they are unable to deliver.  Key Bank then has to contact UPS and give them the physical location address, which can cause a one or two day delay in delivery.  In some instances, UPS returns the item to the sender.

Once I file using an electronic option, must I always use that same reporting method?
A. No, you may choose the option that best suits the needs of your business.

Please note: If you file using an electronic method for two consecutive quarters, you will no longer receive paper forms in the mail.

Do I need to sign-up or register to use an electronic filing method?
A. Because Employer Account Management Services (EAMS) allows access to services containing confidential data, you will be required to register and login through Secure Access Washington prior to use.  UIWebTax doesn’t require a registration, however, you must have your account information available.

How do I change my bank account information in the ePay system?
A. Your bank account information can be changed when you make your payment by selecting the "I will provide new bank account" information button.

My UIWebTax session closed before I could print my Tax and Wage Report and/or Payment Coupon.  What do I do?
A. UIWebTax is operated in a live browser session.  Once it has been closed you cannot go back to print a copy of your report. Contact Records Disclosure by email or call them at 360-725-9440 to obtain a copy of a previously submitted Tax and Wage Report.

Click to print a payment coupon and complete the requested fields.

To avoid this problem in the future, we encourage you to use Employer Account Management Services (EAMS) with features that allow you to obtain a copy of a previously submitted report or obtain a copy of your most recent data that includes amendments and adjustments made to your account.

My business has closed or I no longer have employees.  Do I still need to file a report with Employment Security Department?
A. As long as your account has an Active Status with us, you are required to file a Quarterly Tax and Wage Report, even if you only file a No-Payroll report.

Use the Business Change Form to close your business account or if you no longer have employees.

Contact your tax account management center to find out the current status of your account with us.

How do I calculate excess wages?
A. Every year we establish a maximum taxable wage amount or wage base. When an employee's year-to-date wages exceed that wage base, the wages are considered excess wages and are not taxable.


If an employee earned $15,000 per quarter and if the taxable wage base was $42,100 (for 2015), excess wages are calculated as follows:

Quarter Quarterly Wages Taxable Wages Excess Wages
1 $15,000 $15,000 $0
2 $15,000 $15,000 $0
3 $15,000 $12,100 $2,900
4 $15,000 $0 $15,000
TOTALS $60,000 $42,100 $17,900


Q. I receive an error message when I attempt to enter a Social Security number in UIWebTax or EAMS. How do I correct this so I can continue filing?
A. According to information provided by the Social Security Administration, numbers that begin with a 9 are ITIN numbers issued by the Internal Revenue Service to be used for tax reporting purposes. They are not valid Social Security numbers.


It is also important to know that the Social Security Administration has not issued Social Security numbers with all zeroes in the first, middle or last portion of the number.  They are not valid Social Security numbers.


If you receive an error message in UIWebTax or EAMS and you cannot obtain the correct SSN in time to file, you must enter zeroes for all SSN digits; if the system will not accept zeroes, leave the SSN blank in order to continue filing. You may receive a penalty for the incomplete report.

Contact the Social Security Administration for more information regarding Social Security numbers. You can verify Social Security numbers at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services E-verify website.

What is an Automated Clearing House (ACH) debit?
A. The ACH debit method allows you to transfer funds by authorizing us to electronically withdraw funds from your bank account.

Your account will be debited only upon your initiation, only for the amount you specify and on the date you specify.

Is there a charge for using ePay?
A. There is no charge for using ePay. You will be responsible for any fees charged by your financial institution for the actual transfer of funds. In addition, your bank's standard overdraft fees will also apply if sufficient funds are not available for the amount of the debit.

How do I cancel a pending electronic payment?
A. To cancel a payment entered through ePay, call our Employer Accounts Unit at 360-902-9650, or you may email us at employeraccountstaxesd@esd.wa.gov. Our staff can cancel a payment provided it has not already been sent to your bank for processing.

To manage your electronic payments, we encourage you to use Employer Account Management Services (EAMS) with features that allow you to cancel pending electronic payments.

What is ESD's company ID for ACH withdrawals?
A. Our company ID is: UITAX-EPAY

Note: The company ID must be exactly like the above ten characters, without spaces and with all letters in uppercase.

Some bank accounts have a corporate block which prohibits ACH withdrawals from unauthorized companies. If you have such a block on your bank account, contact your bank and authorize ESD to debit your account by providing ESD's company ID.