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Bulk filing in EAMS

Bulk filing (formerly referred to as ICESA Washington Reporting) is for employers or their agents who prepare quarterly reports for a large number of clients and submit them in a single file.

Benefits of bulk-filing with EAMS

  • Bulk file upload (ICESA) – You can upload a test or production file and receive instant validation results and confirmation.
  • Amend quarterly reports – You can amend a previously filed quarterly report online.
  • Pay taxes – Pay taxes online, either for a single account or a combined payment for multiple accounts.
  • Check tax rates – Check the tax rate for a single account or for all the accounts you manage if you file for multiple accounts.

How to bulk-file with EAMS

Making bulk filing payments

Pay online using EAMS
To make combined payment for multiple accounts, you must first have successfully uploaded a file using bulk-file upload and received a confirmation number.

Pay by mailing a check
The paper remittance listing(s), labeled "ICESA WASHINGTON REPORTING," will list the nine-digit ES reference number, amount remitted, check number, federal ID number, Unified Business Identifier (UBI) and business name, in that order.

Remittance listings will have a maximum of 50 accounts per page and each page will include a total for that page.

  • Include information for one account (nine-digit ES reference number) per line.
  • Submit a separate check for each account with the ES reference number for that payment listed in the memo field. The amount of the check must equal the Total payment due and amount remitted fields listed in the T Record (see bulk filing format specifications for details).
  • Put the checks in the same order as the remittance-listing page.
  • Mail each remittance-listing page, with the corresponding checks to:
    • Employment Security Department
      PO Box 34467
      Seattle, WA  98124-1467
    • Priority mail only:
      Employment Security Department
      1109 Pacific Avenue
      Tacoma, WA  98402

Contact us

If you need to speak to someone about your tax account or other options for filing and paying, contact your tax account management center or call the Employer Accounts Unit at 855-829-9243, option 2.

If you have technical questions about filing reports in the ICESA format or the submittal process, see our employer taxes section, or e-mail UIFTSupport@esd.wa.gov