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SecureAccess Washington for employers

SecureAccess Washington (SAW) is a central login that lets you access the online services of multiple state agencies. It's often referred to as SAW, and is a service provided by Washington's Consolidated Technology Services.

Creating a SecureAccess Washington account

  1. Go to SecureAccess Washington and select Create an Account.
  2. Click Start.
  3. Enter your personal information in the fields provided and click Next.
  4. Create a user ID and password and click Next.
  5. Review your information (You may want to print this page for your records). Click Next.
  6. Enter the security code in the field provided and click Submit.
  7. You'll see an on-screen request to check your email for a message from SecureAccess Washington.
  8. Go to your email inbox, open the message and click the link to activate your new account. This link takes you back to SecureAccess Washington.
  9. Enter the User ID and Password you created in Step 4 above, and click Login.

Setting up Employment Security's online services in SAW

  1. Login to SAW
  2. Select Add Services, then select Employment Security Department.
  3. Click Apply, next to either EAMS or My Unemployment Insurance Tax.
    • My Unemployment Insurance Tax is your connection to a new version of the Employer Account Management System (EAMS). Read more about how to set up and access the features of EAMS for single filers.
    • EAMS is the Employer Account Management Service. Choose this EAMS link if you file quarterly wage reports and pay taxes on behalf of multiple employers or you could benefit from the following options:
      • Copy data from one quarter to the next.
      • Amend reports.
      • View prior reports.
      • File bulk reports.
      • These functions will be added to the new EAMs later in 2020.
    • Read more about how to set up and access the features of EAMS for bulk filers. 
  4. Enter New User Information.