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  • Rule-making - Shared work

    Shared work (2013)

    DescriptionThe department will amend rules related to the Shared-Work program for consistency with changes to state and federal law. Additional policy changes may be proposed.

    DocumentsAug. 7, 2013 meeting transcript | CR 101 | CR 102 | Proposed rules | CR 103 | Final rules | CR 105

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  • Shared Work Program eligibility

    SharedWork Program eligibility requirements

    (en español)

    The SharedWork Program is governed by state and federal laws.

    SharedWork laws and SharedWork regulations written by the Washington State Legislature explain the basic program and eligibility requirements. See the in-depth list of requirements for a printable quick-reference guide.

    Eligibility requirements at a glance 

    Businesses must:

    Enroll a minimum of two permanent employees in the SharedWork plan.

    Comply with IRS,  …


  • Businesses can avoid layoffs with Shared Work

    Businesses can avoid layoffs with Shared Work 

    by Chad Pearson, Shared Work marketing manager for the Employment Security Department (12/15/14)

    It can happen to any business. Demand for your product or service slips. Maybe the market goes in the tank. All you know is your business is in a fix, and you’ve got hard decisions to make. You don’t want to lay off your skilled employees, but what else can you do to cut costs?The Employment Security Department provides an alternative.  It’s …


  • Shared Work Program application

    Apply for the SharedWork Program

    The SharedWork application is easy and takes only about 10 minutes to complete, depending on the number of employees you want on your plan. Apply online, by electronic upload or fax.

    Before you apply

    You will need this information to complete the application:

    ESD number

    Business name, including the “doing business as” name, if applicable

    Mailing address, including county and any other operating locations

    The name and contact information of one or more …


  • Shared Work Program still helping more than 700 Washington Businesses

    Shared Work Program still helping more than 700 Washington businesses

    by Chad Pearson, Shared Work marketing manager for the Employment Security Department (12/18/15)

    Washington businesses big and small continue to avoid layoffs using the Employment Security Department’s Shared Work Program.

    Even as Washington’s unemployment rate has dropped to nearly, 5 percent, more than 700 businesses in the state continue to use the program. That’s because Shared Work can be helpful not only during …


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