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  • Federal Bonding

    Federal bonding

    The fidelity bonds issued by the Federal Bonding Program (FBP) protect employers against employee fraud and dishonesty. Employers receive the bonds free-of-charge as an incentive to hire these applicants. The FBP was designed to reimburse the employer for any loss due to employee theft of money or property up to $25,000 during the first six months of a selected individual's term of employment.

    The mission of the FBP is to give employers the peace of mind that you can safely …


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  • About Employees

    Employer resources

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    Whether you need to hire employees, are facing layoffs, or have to let an employee go, we have resources and information that can help you.  … more

  • Facts and Figures Report

    Facts and Figures Report – July 2021

    The Facts and Figures Report is prepared monthly and posted after the county press release as a quick reference for employees, legislators, … more