Become a GCDE member


Members volunteer their time and knowledge to support the work of the committee and to benefit the community of people with disabilities in Washington state.

Read instructions about how to apply here.

If you would like to serve on the Governor’s Committee on Disability Issues & Employment, you can contact Elaine Stefanowicz by email at or by calling 360-890-3774 for more information.  



  • Have a disability, be a family member of someone with a disability or be an advocate/professional working on behalf of a person with a disability.
  • Have experience working to empower people with disabilities to obtain equality of opportunity or maximum independence.
  • Possess expertise, special skills or resources that will contribute to the activities of the the committee.
  • Have leadership experience in community-based activities which enhance opportunities for people with disabilities.


  • Be involved locally and serve as a committee contact to the local community.
  • Help the committee establish relationships with state agencies, local governments, private industry, educational institutions, labor and other private organizations - especially those that serve the disability community to promote equal opportunity.
  • Submit a participation log monthly.
  • Serve as a resource and advocate by alerting the committee to issues, opening doors and working on projects as feasible.
  • Attend and participate in the general membership meetings.
  • Participate in establishing committee policies and actively work towards their implementation.
  • Serve on subcommittees and actively work to support their activities.
  • Respond to mail polls, surveys etc.

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