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Request for Separation Information

After a worker files for unemployment benefits, we send a Request for Separation Information (RSI) letter to former employers. You must review the worker's job separation information and provide more information as necessary.

Complete and return the form by the printed return date if the worker:

  • Quit (PDF, 226 KB);
  • Was fired (PDF, 292 KB); or
  • Was separated due to a lack of work and you want to request standby (PDF, 227 KB).

Include all supporting documents and details related to the job separation.

If the worker does not provide a specific reason for quitting or being fired, the forms are more generic, as in the linked examples above. When a specific reason is given, the forms will include additional questions unique to that reason.

If you don't send your completed RSI to us on time, we may pay unemployment benefits to the worker based on the information we have. We may charge you if we pay benefits in error because you did not respond on time or gave us incomplete information.

Please note the term “lack of work" used on the form means:

  • The position was eliminated;
  • There is no full-time work available;
  • The assignment ended; or
  • There are similar circumstances.

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