Questions about third-party representatives

If the client company of a PEO also is represented by a third-party administrator, should the third-party administrator use the power-of-attorney form or the form it has used in the past for other client companies?

A. This PEO Form is required for companies that are PEO clients. A POA is also required.

Q. If the PEO itself is represented by a third-party and the PEO adds a new client company, do the PEO and the third-party representative both need to submit new power-of-attorney forms?

A. The new client company of the PEO would need to complete a power-of-attorney form designating its preferred mailing addresses for each section. The third-party representative would not need to send anything additional if it already has a form on file showing that it represents the PEO itself.

Q. If a third-party representative is listed as the address of record for its PEO client companies, will that address automatically be assigned to the PEO’s client companies or does a separate form need to be submitted?

A. Each client company must provide a power-of-attorney form designating which address is preferred for each section.

Q. What if a third-party representative adds a new PEO client after the registration deadline?

A. The third-party representative would need to send in a new power-of-attorney form for the PEO within 30 days. If the PEO adds a new client company after the initial registration period, the PEO needs to submit a Report New Client/Report of Termination form and a new power-of-attorney form for that client company within 30 days.