Common audit findings

Unregistered employers
Businesses who hire reportable employees without a registered Employment Security Department (ESD) account. In the state of Washington, every business with employees must register and report wages for unemployment insurance taxes.

Unreported workers
Businesses inappropriately identifying their workers as casual, temporary labor or as independent contractors when they should be reported as employees. We apply the employment tests in RCW 50.04.140 and RCW 50.04.145 to determine whether a worker should be considered an employee. We also review elements of RCW 50.04.245 because it is frequently misinterpreted.

Under-reported hours
Businesses reporting some, but not all, reportable employee hours of work.

Under-reported wages
Businesses reporting some, but not all, of an employee’s reportable wages.

State Unemployment Tax Act (SUTA) dumping
Businesses suspected of non-compliance with state's predecessor/successor laws.