Acceptable Social Security Numbers

The Social Security Administration (SSA) expanded acceptable Social Security Numbers (SSN). None of our electronic filing systems are currently programmed to accept the newly issued SSNs. This means that employers and employer representatives are currently filing quarterly tax reports with SSNs that our electronic filing systems cannot accept.

When electronically filing a quarterly tax report using an SSN that is not recognized by our filing systems, please do the following:

  1. Enter zeroes for all SSN digits; if the system will not accept zeroes, leave this blank.
  2. Provide the following information to the Proper Reporting Service group by calling 360-902-9477
    1. Employer's Name
    2. ES Number
    3. Quarter
    4. Invalid/Unacceptable SSN
    5. Employee's Name
    6. Hours and Wages

Note: Please do not use unsecured email to send Social Security Numbers.