Dispute an unemployment benefits claim

Don't think a former employee should receive benefits?

When a worker applies for unemployment benefits, we notify his or her employer to confirm that the person is no longer working and why he or she is no longer working. If you disagree with the information the claimant provided to us, you must respond to the notice we send you.

If we receive your response:

  • Within 10 days, we consider the information you provide when we decide whether or not to grant the person benefits.
  • In 11 to 30 days, we will review the claim based on the information you submit. If the person has already collected benefits and should not have based on the information you provide, he or she will have to pay back those benefits.
  • More than 30 days after we mailed you the notice, you must file an appeal to have the case reviewed further.

Note: If your (former) employee was paid benefits based on incorrect or incomplete information you provided on your quarterly tax report, you will be charged for those benefits.

Relief of benefits charge

You also have the right to request that your account is not charged for benefits paid to a former employee. For a summary of allowable reasons and the process to make this request, please visit our relief of benefit charges page.

Relevant laws and rules

Re-determining benefit decisions