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Washington state's Employment Security Department (ESD) - Labor Market and Economic Analysis (LMEA) division invites you to attend:

2020 Economic Symposium
April 14, 2020 | 7am – 5pm
Red Lion Hotel & Conference Center
2525 N. 20th Ave | Pasco, WA 


ESD is convening statewide and community leaders on April 14, 2020 in Pasco to address key economic and workforce development issues that affect not only the eastern side of the state but all of us statewide. Attendees and presenters will share and discuss "metrics that matter" to “connect the dots” across public-education-private-nonprofit sectors and geographies in Washington state.

Potential topics to be addressed include:

  • Washington statewide and eastern Washington regional economic forecasts
  • Rural economic development issues, challenges and success stories
  • Creating urban re-development projects through collaborative partnerships
  • Addressing key infrastructure challenges to keep up with economic and workforce growth: Affordable housing, transportation and healthcare
  • Attracting and maintaining a pipeline of skilled workers in eastern Washington
  • Washington state port districts and their role in spurring economic development
  • Economic impact of eastern Washington tribes
  • Preparing the workforce for the future: Innovative K12-business apprenticeship and internship models
  • Innovative collaborations between the public, private, nonprofit, K12 and higher education sectors
  • Career planning resources: Finding in-demand occupations in your county
  • Industry update - Agriculture: The impacts of technology in the agricultural sector; agricultural industry wage issues and challenges
  • The power of diverse and intergenerational workforces
  • The Future of Work: Workforce trends and transitions

Opening Keynote Speakers

What’s on the economic horizon for Washington state in 2020? Get the “metrics that matter” from these Washington state leaders.


Who should attend?

  • Government and corporate economists
  • Government and corporate HR leaders
  • Economic and workforce development leaders
  • Private sector business leaders
  • State, county and city public leaders, elected officials, workforce and economic development leaders
  • Port district leaders
  • K12 and higher ed leaders, educators and career counselors
  • Chamber of Commerce representatives from across the state
  • Business, workforce and economic development-focused government agencies and nonprofit organizations
  • Business media

Reasons to attend

  • Learn about statewide economic trends that will affect your region
  • Connect and network with your workforce development and economic development peers from across the state to identify opportunities to work together and share best practices
  • Discover data resources and business-friendly programs to assist your local employers