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Schedule a callback from a Claims Center agent

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When you call the Claims Center, our goal is to connect you directly with a claims agent to answer your question or help you with a specific issue.  But sometimes due to heavy call volumes, we can’t put you straight through to a claims agent.  We know your time is valuable, so instead of being put on hold, we’re excited to implement a new service that lets you identify the best day and time for us to call you back.

Scroll down to find the question or issue that best describes your need and then click on either the basic issue or complex issue button below.

Note: You may need to "allow pop-ups" for the self-scheduler to function properly.


For basic questions/issues like:

  • Can I claim while I am out of the country?
  • How do I report that I have returned to work?
  • How do I report that I worked this week?
  • How do I cancel or change a WorkSource appointment?
  • I have questions about standby
  • I need help filing my weekly claim
  • I need to change my name
  • I need to reopen my claim
  • I need to report a claimant who is deceased
  • I need to report holiday or vacation pay
  • I need to update the employer information on a pending weekly claim
  • What are my job search requirements if I’m in a full referral union?
  • What is the balance on my claim?
  • What is the status of my weekly claim?
  • When does my claim end?
  • Where do I fax my information to?
  • Why are my benefits exhausted?

If you'd like to schedule a callback for a basic issue:


For complex questions/issues like:

  • I am a federal employee affected by the shutdown
  • I am receiving crime victim payments, how does this affect my claim?
  • I am receiving workers compensation benefits, how does this affect my claim?
  • I cannot find my online questionnaire to respond to?
  • I have questions about a letter you sent me
  • I have questions about missing employer paperwork
  • I have questions about overpayments that I may owe
  • I have a question about severance pay, pay in lieu of notice, or my 401K
  • I have questions about the Address Confidentiality Program
  • I made a mistake on my weekly claim
  • I need a copy of a letter you sent me
  • I need help with the eServices website
  • I want to use my alternate base year
  • My wages or hours are incorrect on the statement that was sent to me
  • What is the status of my appeal?
  • Where is my payment?
  • Why did I get a letter saying I didn't have enough hours worked to get benefits?
  • Why did I receive a partial payment?
  • Why I am still ineligible to receive benefits?
  • Why is my payment being garnished?
  • Other

If you'd like to schedule a callback for a complex issue:


NOTE: You can also send us a secure message through your eServices account if you do not wish to speak to a live person.