About UIWeb Tax

UIWebTax is an online application for filing quarterly wage reports for unemployment insurance purposes. It's a good option for employers filing a no-payroll report or for those filing for fewer than 2,000 employees. We recommend EAMS for most employers.  For information on filing reports for Paid Family and Medical Leave, visit paidleave.wa.gov/employers.

How to use UIWeb Tax

Before you begin:

  1. Have your ES Number
  2. Have your federal Employer ID Number (EIN)
  3. Have your UBI Number
  4. Have a valid email address (to receive confirmation)

Filing your report:

  1. Go to UIWebTax;
  2. Complete your report (2,000 employee limit);
  3. Review your report before submitting;
  4. Click 'File now' from the 'File Report' screen to submit. You should see a confirmation number screen. If you don't, try again; and
  5. Write down the confirmation number that generates after the report is successfully filed.

Paying your taxes:

  • Pay your unemployment taxes online using ePayPaid Family and Medical Leave payments are separate and not due until July 2019. Do not attempt to submit those payments here. More information is available at paidleave.wa.gov/employers.
  • Print a payment coupon and mail it along with your payment to:
    Employment Security Department
    P.O. Box 34467
    Seattle, WA 98124-1467

There is a 2,000 employee limit, no option to save reports or data from quarter to quarter, no payment option in the application. UIWebTax is not compatible with Google Chrome.

Additional UIWeb Tax resources

Navigating UIWeb Tax:

  1. Use the navigation buttons in UIWebTax, don't use browser buttons.
  2. Next button - navigates to the next page. It's located in the lower right corner of the page.
  3. Back button - navigates to the previous page. It's located to the left of the Next button.
  4. Print button - prints your report.
  5. Question mark - click to get help info for the screen
  6. Exit button - displays an alert message before the system will navigate to the Electronic Filing home page. It's in the lower left corner of the page

Web system requirements:

UIWebTax is now compatible with all browsers.

After you filed for two consecutive quarters using an electronic filing method, you will no longer receive paper forms in the mail.