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  1. Leave your ESD workstation powered on at night when it is connected to the ESD Network.
  2. To ensure that your VPN connection works when you need it, it is recommended that you login to VPN once every 30 days.
  3. Test out your SSL-VPN before you travel.
  4. To ensure that your workstation is operational and has received recent updates connect your ESD workstation to the ESD network at least once every 14 days.

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SSL-VPN Information

Soft tokens only need to be installed on one device.

The soft token generates the passcode you key into the computer/laptop/smart device you use to remote into the network on. It could be the same device, or they could be different devices. Going from a hard token to a soft token does not change the way you remote into the network today.

Soft tokens should be put on your main device.

It is recommend that the soft token be put on whatever device you have with you most often for convenience sake. In most cases, this is a smart phone.

Soft tokens don't change how you remote into the ESD network.

There is no change to how you remote into the ESD network. Just like your hard token key fob, the soft token only generates the passcode number you key into the computer/laptop/smart device you use to remote into the network.

Soft tokens can be used on personal smart devices or computers in some cases.

Soft tokens can be installed on smart devices that are supported by the Voice & Data Communications team or in some cases personal computers. There is limited support for personally owned equipment. You will be limited to the troubleshooting items listed on the help page.  Policy 2016 governs acceptable and unacceptable use of computing resources.

Virtual private network (VPN)

Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows ESD employees, partners and contractors to connect to the ESD network through a web browser. A connection to the Internet in addition to special software and hardware installation is required. There is a monthly fee for the RSA service ($17.45/mo. hard token, and $9.00/mo. soft token) charged through the ESD Budget Office.

Browser support for VPN

Internet Explorer is recommended. May also work in FireFox and Google Chrome.

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