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  1. Leave your ESD workstation powered on at night when it is connected to the ESD Network.
  2. To ensure that your VPN connection works when you need it, it is recommended that you login to VPN once every 30 days.
  3. Test out your SSL-VPN before you travel.
  4. To ensure that your workstation is operational and has received recent updates connect your ESD workstation to the ESD network at least once every 14 days.

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Instructions for RSA soft token iPhone installation

Note: These instructions assume you are approved for remote access to the ESD network, have already provided Information Security with details about your specific device, and received a response via email.

Follow these steps to activate the soft token into your iPhone. You will move back and forth between your iPhone and your computer during this process:

1. On your iPhone, open the ‘Mail’ application from your home screen.

2. Find and open the email from:

Phone homescreen

3. In the email find and touch the VPN id (xxxxx540)link.

The “Enter Password” window displays.

Soft token email from Rick Champagne

4. Enter your VPN id number (xxxxx540) here and touch the ‘OK’ button.

The ‘Enter Pin’ screen displays.

Password entry phone screen

5. Your hard token (key fob) PIN number will NOT work here. You will need to create a new PIN number using your computer (you will return to this screen in a moment).

PIN entry phone screen

6. Go to your computer, open up the browser, and enter the URL below into the browser’s address field:

The ‘ESD SSL VPN Sign in’ screen displays.

web browser with displayed

7. Enter your VPN id (xxxxx540) from the email into the ‘VPN Username’ field.

8. Tab to the ‘Password’ field (you will return to this screen in a moment).

ESD SSL VPN login screen

9. Go back to your iPhone, and enter 0000 (4 zeros) into the ‘Enter Pin’ field.

Touch the ‘arrow’ button.

The ‘Passcode’ screen displays.

PIN entry phone screen with arrows

10. An 8-digit ‘passcode’ displays along with the amount of time left before the number resets.

NOTE: The ‘passcode’ automatically resets every 60 seconds so we advise you to wait until it resets before proceeding to the next step to give you plenty of time.

rotating passcode phone screen

11. Go back to your computer and the ‘ESD SSL VPN’ screen.

12. Enter the 8-digit ‘Passcode’ number into the ‘Password’ field.

13. Click the ‘Sign in’ button.

ESD SSL VPN sign in screen

14. You will be prompted to create a new PIN number. The PIN must:

  • Be at 5 numbers long (no letters), and
  • Cannot start with zero (0)

15. Enter your new PIN a second time for verification.

Now you can begin using the ESD network remotely, just as you normally would.

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