SSL-VPN Instructions and help

SSL-VPN Use Guidelines

These guidelines define acceptable use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) service assigned to users by Employment Security Department (ESD). By signing using VPN service, you are agreeing to do so in the manner outlined in this document and Department policies, standards, and procedures. Failure to comply with the requirements outlined in this agreement may result in user access being revoked and/or other disciplinary action. Authorized VPN Users are responsible for:

  • Using VPN only as it is assigned and configured. Users may connect to the ESD network either through a VPN by using of a network connection or remote desktop session.
  • Using the network connection over VPN only from an ESD assigned smart device or computer.
  • Non-ESD smart devices or computers may only access the ESD network through a remote desktop session over VPN.
  • Any use of their VPN connection or log-in information.
  • The equipment assigned for the purpose of connecting to VPN including their ESD computer and VPN hard token, if assigned key-fob. Users are not authorized to transfer equipment to another person.
  • Reporting any possible misuse of the equipment or services.
  • Returning VPN equipment when it is no longer in use.
  • Using their VPN connection at least once every 30 days. A lack of regular use may result in a request to remove VPN access.
  • Any use of their assigned equipment. Users may not allow others to use their assigned VPN connection or log-in information.

The agency requirements related to use of VPN are defined in ESD policies, standards, and procedures including, but not limited to:

  1. 2010, Information Technology Security
  2. 2016, Acceptable use of Technology
  3. 1014, Telecommuting and Alternative Worksites
  4. 2003-2, Acquisition, Disposal, and Licensing of Information Technology